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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Boston Baked Beans

This one is ironic. I was at a gathering of my extended family in Boston this past weekend. It was interesting to meet another branch of the family. We won a door prize as the people who traveled the greatest distance to be there. The prize was Salt Water Taffy and Boston Baked Beans. The irony is that unbeknownst to me Boston Baked Beans are chocolate covered peanuts. Sometimes you just have to chuckle. I'm glad that my wife noticed or I would have brought them home.


Gabs said...

hi there - just found your site. my daughter is PA as well and I go through the same things. I get nervous now eating anything with nuts for fear of contaminating her with a kiss. What a life we lead since her diagnosis. There don't seem to be too many blogs out there? Maybe I'm just not looking in the right place? In any case, I just started a blog as well to vent, list resources, etc. You can find me at: I'll be back often!

NoPeanuts said...

Hi Gabs. Glad you enjoyed the site. There are many allergy blogs and I've indexed several of my favourites from my homepage. Keep up the blogging and best wishes with the allergy. J.