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Friday, May 18, 2007

Villager Of The Month - May 2007

This week was Food Allergy Awareness Week. In honour of this FAAN initiative, I have decided to add novel content to the the blogosphere. Earlier tonight I posted the announcement of my new "NoPeanuts Site Reviews" series.

The second addition to the site will be the Villager of the Month 'accolades'. You have seen the phrase "It Takes A Village" used on this site to refer to the fact that parents of allergic children cannot manage the allergy entirely on their own. Other people will at times relied upon in an emergency situation. Teachers, caregivers and friend alike could find themselves in this situation while the child is under their care.

Intended as a 'thank you' on behalf of the food allergy community, the 'Villager of the Month' will have done something interesting, special or courageous to help those with food allergies. I encourage my visitors to nominate people by posting comments or emailing me (address is in my profile).

In honour of FAANs initiative this week, I decided name my first Villager Of The Month (for May 2007) based on the contribution they made to Food Allergy Awareness Week.

One contributor was the Elliott family in Nevada who chose this week to launch their new line of products under the NoNuttin' brand.

I also thought it was pretty cool for a 13 year old in PA to write to her local editor and promote Food Allergy Awareness Week with a personal letter. In our own way we can all make a meaningful contribution.

Gina Clowes of AllergyMoms posted a list of great ideas of things you could do to make a difference this week.

Villager of the Month
The first recipient of the Villager of the Month accolade is Ria Sharon of CheckMyTag. I have seen Ria everywhere this week. I visit many sites in my 'rounds' and over the past two weeks I have noticed numerous cases of Ria posting comments promoting Food Allergy Awareness Week. She also posted a great collection of stories about food allergy on her blog, stories she collected from other bloggers and friends specifically for this occasion. Her efforts were creative and made a valuable contribution to food allergy awareness. Ria has a line of alert products for allergic kids. The business is about a year old and was started after her 13-month-old had an anaphylactic reaction.

Congratulations and thank you Ria!


Sue said...

So far my youngest shows no signs of food allergies, although she does have some EA. I will say though that she has not had any dairy yet. We put her on soy formula at a year to make sure she got all the fat she needed. We were extra cautious with dairy but we are also looking out for my oldest due to her contact allergy. I hope to intro dairy to my youngest in the not-too-distant future. My youngest never had eczema either. Neither of them have had peanuts/tree nuts/shell fish.

My fingers are crossed that your youngest will escape food allergies. I like your site - especially the Villager of the Month. You're right, we can't keep our children safe all by ourselves, no matter how much we wish we could.

Thanks for stopping by.

AllergyMom said...

Congratulations Ria!

It's true--that we cannot care for our children all by ourselves. They have a right to be out of the world and as hard as it is to depend on others, we know that someday we will "launch" our children. Some parents of children with more severe disabilities are not so lucky.

So, I will count my blessings and be grateful to all of those parents who have called to arrange a safe snack for my son, or who have arranged a toy treat instead of a cupcake so my son could be included. Thank you!!


The Cookbook Junkie said...

I was going to comment on the Sunbutter post but comments aren't turned on. Blogger now defaults to 'don't allow comments', if you didn't know.

NoPeanuts said...

Thanks for your comments. I am glad that the Villager of the Month series resonates with you. Please send me any nominees that you would have for June's Villager.

Also, thanks for the heads-up on the Blogger comments change CookbookJunkie. What a strange feature change. I've enabled comments on Sunbutter - fire away!