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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Villager of the Month - June 2007

This spring I started a new series called Villager of the Month. The intent is to recognize people who do special or interesting things to help those with food allergies.

For June 2007 I wanted to recognize the efforts of a group of concerned parents in British Columbia. Under the name Protecting Allergic Children Today (PACT), Caroline Posynick and other members of her organization spearheaded a letter writing campaign to MLAs and government officials in support of David Cubberly’s proposed anaphylaxis legislation.

Though Bill M210 failed to advance after its second reading, the government is certainly aware of the issue of allergic children in schools and that is largely due to the efforts of PACT and its supporters.

You can learn more about PACT or Bill M210 on the organization's website.

1 comment:

Caroline said...

On behalf of PACT -- aw, shucks, thanks for the honour!

I have to say that it was a little sad that Bill M210 didn't go through (ok, a lot sad) but we did gain quite a bit of attention, which definitely raised awareness on the dangers faced by students with life-threantening allergies. We can be happy about this because it sorta united us and gave us a voice.

But we are not done . . . I would like to encourage YOU to please please continue to contact your Member of Legislative Assembly. Let them know this issue will not go away -- our kids need help at school. This is especially important if the government committee decides to leave things as they are -- which, as you know, is to leave the creation of policies up to each individual school district and hope that each school principal voluntarily follows these guidelines. I maintain that this is a dangerous route to take for it puts kids at risk. And who really wants to do that??

Whoah. I have been off my soap box since the bill didn't pass. . . but know that I am still committed to see that change occurs so we protect kids (like mine) at school who have life-threatening allergies.