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Friday, September 14, 2007

Villager of the Month - Summer 2007

This spring I started a new series called Villager of the Month. The intent is to recognize people and organizations who do special or interesting things to help those with food allergies. This month I have been featured in Allergic Living. I wrote an article about the theory behind this very concept and the reception has been great.

The latest recipient of the Villager accolade dovetails nicely with my post about the work that PACT had done with Bill M210 in B.C. The Food Allergy Initiative is a non-profit agency that raises funds toward the effective treatment and cure of food allergies. It also works to raise awareness of the seriousness of food allergy.

In August the FAI was a major force behind New York Governor Elloit Spitzer's decision to sign into the law the Allergy & Anaphylaxis Management Act of 2007 (AAMA) . The FAI's contribution was significant. "During the past year, FAI led a coalition of food allergy support groups and parents across New York State to achieve the passage of the AAMA. In March 2007, as a result of FAI’s leadership of a coalition in New Jersey, a similar bill, PL. 2007, c.57, was signed into law."

“This vital legislation will save lives,” said Robert Pacenza, Executive Director, FAI. “If a food-allergic child accidentally ingests even a minuscule trace of the wrong food, it can trigger a reaction that can kill within minutes. The AAMA will provide New York parents and schools with sensible guidelines to help keep these kids safe. FAI is proud to have been the organizing force behind this effort.”

Congratulations Robert and team. Great work on this legislation!

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