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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sunbutter On the Cheap

For those of you sitting at the edge of your seats wondering when I would find less expensive Sunbutter, the wait is over! I did a review of Sunbutter recently and noted that the only negative was its high price. Several readers commented that $8.49 for a jar of Sunbutter was ridiculous. Turns out they were right.

My wife talked to the grocery manager at Stong's our (excellent) local grocery store here in Vancouver. They now stock Sunbutter and price it at a reasonable $3.99. I guess that leaves me with a clean review of Sunbutter afterall!

Sunbutter is perfect for those with anaphylaxis due to peanut allergy in their homes. We do not let our daughter eat Sunbutter to avoid confusion but it has been an excellent peanut butter replacement for us.


allergicmom said...

That's great to hear about Stong's carrying the sunbutter for cheaper than Choices. Good for you guys for asking!

Did they get in the crunchy version?

NoPeanuts said...

They do ... regular and crunchy! I probably shouldn't be this excited about sunflower butter but alas this is what it has come to ...

Teresa said...

You're from Vancouver! I live in Kelowna.

Sunbutter sounds wonderful, I'll have to try it. We also purchase pea butter at the Real Cdn Superstore. It's a very close substitute.

Cindy (Allen) Fekete said...

We buy Sunbutter by the case...try Good prices and lots of selection for holiday treats as well