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Sunday, May 20, 2007


After several readers suggested Sunbutter as a peanut butter replacement, I was finally successful in locating a jar. Incidentally we found it at a health food store just a few blocks away. Well, it was worth the wait. My last product review was for Peabutter and as you may recall, I was not a big fan. I was happy to finally get a chance to review Sunbutter.

In reviewing food products I review taste, texture, price, ingredients. It is a little unfair to review peanut butter replacements as I am not reviewing them in isolation. They are being put up against by beloved peanut butter, with which I had to part ways several months ago.

Taste: Sunbutter serves up a strong aroma of roasted nuts as soon as you open the jar. It tastes like a sweeter version of peanut butter. The biggest difference between this and Peabutter is that the taste also finishes nicely. I found Peabutter to have left a bit of a strong pea aftertaste (yes, I know that it is made from peas!) Sunbutter has a rich, nutty taste that lingers on the palate beautifully. I do think it is a touch sweet for my taste, but it is something I could eat daily.

Texture: The texture was more similar to a richer peanut butter and it is creamy enough for those who prefer highly processed peanut butters.

Price: Sunbutter is expensive. In fact price is the only real drawback I could find. We paid CDN $8.49 for a jar which is quite high. In fairness, grocery items can be very pricey at our local health foods store. We'll price it elsewhere as well. (Update: We have found a cheaper supply!)

Ingredients: The ingredients are acceptable. Like most peanut butters there is added sweetness, via cane juice in this case. That being said, the sugar only total 3 grams per 32 gram serving . In addition, Sunbutter is higher in protein, appears to be lower in sugar and higher in dietary fibre as compared to Peabutter. Iron deficiency can be an issue for many kids due to picky eating and Sunbutter helps there as well, providing 8% of the daily value for iron.

Overall: Overall Sunbutter passes the test for those who have to remove peanut butter from their home due to a peanut allergy. I would recommend this as a peanut butter replacement for any taste and I will certainly buy it in the future myself. Now I just need to find a less expensive place to buy it!


The Cookbook Junkie said...

What a coincidence as I actually bought some of this Saturday. I haven't had a chance to try it yet. I never expected to find it around here, certainly not in the small Shur-fine grocery store that I found it in, for only $2.32 no less. I'd better see if I like it so I can go back and grab the other jars if I do.

I don't plan on feeding it to my son yet. I don't want to confuse him.

NoPeanuts said...

I agree. Sunbutter is just for Daddy :) Great news on the price ... hopefully I can find it cheaper here as well. I think we went to the most expensive store in Vancouver ... I happened upon it and after waiting so long it was worth $8 to me!


Angel said...

I'm surprised you didn't try online options.

You can google it or go straight to the source, where they have other flavors and prices range from $3.50 - $5.00 a jar.
"Try a jar of SunButter™ and receive a FREE Bag of our Trail Mix AND a bag of roasted and salted Sunflower Seeds, while supplies last..."

Allergic Girl said...

have you tried "soynut" butter? by im healthy?
it has no realtion to anything nutty, it's made from soybeans and is totally delicious. [i dont eat it anymore b/c i'm off soy] but it's worth looking into.

NoPeanuts said...

Thanks AllergicGirl ... I'll check it out. I recently posted about the fact that I read an article about soy and peanut allergy potentially being related but as we do not give the 'butters' to our daughter I'll try it. I am going to find a jar of SoyButter and post a review.

NoPeanuts said...

Thanks Angel. I will check it out online ... touche on the 'why didn't a blogger check online' ... it was purely a matter of coincidence. The $8 jar of Sunbutter found me =)