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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Trick Or Treat ... Give Me Something Safe to Eat

Today my mother-in-law told us that she has a friend who is going to buy peanut safe treats to give out at Halloween. After hearing many times about our daughter's allergy, this friend decided that she did not want to be responsible for a possible allergic reaction in a child who came to her door.

Though other allergies such as dairy or wheat are also a concern at Halloween, I thought that this was a great gesture. It shows the power of allergy awareness!

We are going to hand out Nestle treats at our door. Nestle actually offers a package of assorted peanut free treats including mini Kit Kat, Aero, Coffee Crisp and Smarties products. Our daughter loves Smarties so this works just fine for her.

As with all products marketed as peanut free, one caution is to not blindly assume that things are safe. In 2006 Nestle actually had an issue with the Coffee Crisp bars in its assorted peanut free pack. An unfortunate reality for parents of allergic kids is that even with peanut free products it is important to be ready for a possible reaction.

We are going to bring Smarties and Dare's Wagon Wheels to all of our neighbours' homes prior to trick or treating. That way we know that our daughter will receive safe treats at each home and we can just relax and enjoy our evening. My wife and the girls are going to be the three little pigs and I the Big Bad Wolf.

Happy Halloween!


purplemommy said...

I ordered a bunch of small toys from Oriental Trading Company, so that is what kids will get at our house. No candy here.

Amanda said...

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the hyperlink to the Wacky Cake. We are mutual friends of Jason & Amy. Our daughter has a severe dairy allergy and it's nice to have an alternative cake on hand for her upcoming first birthday (February 14).


Amy said...

I just have to leave a note here. We live in a fairly small neighborhood, and a lot of our neighbors have become friends. They are aware of our son's food allergies, due largely to the help of one neighbor/friend in particular. Anyway, I was surprised that at quite a few of the houses we visited for trick or treat, they had special treats set aside for our children's bags! I meant the world to me that they took the extra time to plan this out. I made sure to send thank you notes out to each of them:-)