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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Peanut Free Baseball

In June I posted about how sports teams were beginning to take peanut allergy more seriously. I came across this article tonight which gives a first hand perspective of a father and son who attended a Washington Nationals game on a night where a peanut-free skybox was offered for allergic kids. Note that the young boy in question developed hives despite all of the cleaning and precautions. I suspect that peanuts are just 'in the walls' of a ballpark, just like eggs seem to be 'in the grill' at diners.

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jim blitz said...

I just ran across this comment, while searching for information about peanut free baseball games. I'm the father of the boy who got hives at that game, and the person who organized the event at the Nationals game last season. We strongly suspect he had a reaction because he hugged the team mascot, whose uniform hadn't been cleaned in years. If you bring your kids to a nut-free game, stay away from mascots. And none of the other 30 or so nut allergic kids attending the game had a reaction to being there.
Jim Blitz