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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

NoPeanuts In The Globe

Today we were quoted in the Globe & Mail, Canada's national newspaper. Globe reporter Tralee Pearce was intrigued by the rapid growth in the incidence of food allergy and we were interviewed as part of her research.

In reading the article I was interested to learn that "the median age of first peanut-allergy reactions has dropped to 14 months from 21 months over the past decade." Over the same period of time "the median age at which the allergic child was first exposed to peanuts has dropped to 12 months from 19 months."

As we all know, there is no definitive explanation as to why the incidence of peanut allergy is increasing. Pearce also pointed out that the drop in the age of the first reaction might be due to the fact that parents are now more acutely aware of the signs of a possible allergy.

In the course of our discussion I intimated that the most frightening aspect is the suddenness with which a reaction can appear. "It's all or nothing," Mr. Smith says. "She's either totally fine or it's an emergency."

Thank you Tralee for taking an interest in food allergy.


Anonymous said...

I really like your site. I have a son with an ana. allergy to peanuts. He is also allergic to tree-nuts, eggs, and peas. He experiences oral allergy symptoms to apples and watermelon as well. I also read the article that was on the Globe site. I thought it very interesting. Feel free to read our food allergy blog at


Anonymous said...

I've been googling this and can't find any info... was wondering if you could possibly help! My daughter is allergic to peanuts but not to tree nuts. I was searching for almonds made in a peanut-free facility and am having no luck. Do you know of any sites that offer peanut-free tree nuts? I would greatly appreciate your input! PS: great blog!