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Friday, December 7, 2007

Over The Hills And Jar Away

This week I was at a software event in Los Angeles. In typical fashion there were cookies and other sweets laid out to fuel the event's patrons, many of who would spend hours on their feet presenting their products to customers.

Though people with peanut allergy would always be wary of cookies of unknown origin , I was somewhat surprised to note that the chocolate chunk cookies were set out in large glass jars filled with peanuts. Peanuts filled about half of the ~10L jars and the cookies were then stacked on top.

Though it is unlikely that a peanut allergic person would eat those cookies anyway, there is a chance that somebody could ask about the cookie, be told that no peanut was in them and then eat a cookie cross-contaminated by the peanuts that they were stacked on.

I know that seems like a bit of a stretch, but I am never comfortable around 5L jars of peanuts!

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