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Monday, May 12, 2008

Blog Interrupted

Not long after our daughter was diagnosed with anaphylaxis, I began talking to Anaphylaxis Canada (AC) about joining the team. This week I was happy to receive news that I have been appointed as a Director on the Anaphylaxis Canada board.

I have tried to adopt AC’s pragmatic and balanced approach when managing our daughter’s severe food allergy, both at home and in our community. After spending the past nine years on charitable boards, (most recently six years with Covenant House Vancouver), I am excited to offer my skills, energy and passion for the cause of food allergy and anaphylaxis, to Laurie Harada and her so-called ‘A-Team’.

As an Anaphylaxis Canada Director from British Columbia, I will focus on the development of a local presence in this province. In 2007 the BC Ministry of Education passed the “British Columbia Anaphylactic and Child Safety Framework” and the next step is to support those who will implement this important ministerial order.

My involvement with Anaphylaxis Canada will also include writing a column about our experiences as parents (details forthcoming). Unfortunately I will not have the bandwidth to author a column, become involved in British Columbia and author this blog, so NoPeanutsPlease will be offline for the forseeable future.

During the past 18 months you have visited the blog almost 12,000 times and enjoyed almost 200 posts. I thank you for your support and encouragement! It’s been a fabulous experience and has truly helped me in our journey as parents managing anaphylaxis.

Though I am disappointed to interrupt NoPeanutsPlease just as it was gaining significant momentum, I am very excited to be in a position to make an even greater contribution to the food allergy and anaphylaxis community.