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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

NoPeanuts Poll: Bullying

The most recent NoPeanuts poll asked "Has your child ever been bullied at school due to his/her food allergy?". Interestingly, 56% of the 41 respondents have children who are pre-school age, so of course this poll does not apply. For the 44% of readers who have school-age children, there is a 50-50 split between those who have and have not experienced bullying.

A new poll is now up: "Do you belong to a food allergy support group?"


Jessiberry said...

My son has been bullied with his allergen in class. A student tried to kill him by spiking his food when my son was not looking. And when the attacker was asked why he did this, the attacker said that he wanted to see my son die. God help us.

Anonymous said...

i am a teenage girl with severe, hypersensitive allergies to peanut butter, and i also have a rather big mouth. one day during art class i was chatting loudly with my friend and the girl next to me told me to shut up because i was annoying the crap out of her. so i opened my big mouth and said that it was a free country and why didnt she mind her own business, to which she responded she was going to get a peanut and kill me and let me die at her feet so that she could kick my lifeless corpse. at this point i stood up and slapped her, whihc in retrospect was incredibly stupid of me. the next day at lunch she held a peanut butter sandwich inches from my face and made me raise my hand and swear never to talk back to her or hurt her or get her in trouble. i spent the rest of the year as her slave and now keep a lock on my mouth at all times, but unfortunately the threats have not stopped. thank god my parents found an add for a new type of service dog that detects peanut particles. the dog will be mine in just two months and then i will be free of this forever!!!! yay!!! declare a holiday!!!