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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Red Tag Lunches

I thought this was a cool idea. Though I abhor the term 'Peanut Police' I do like the idea of adding colourful tags to lunches that contain allergens. In this case lunches containing peanut are red tagged though no other allergens are identified. You could do the same for high risk foods such as dairy or wheat.

While many parents will immediately have a vision of adding so many tags to their child's lunch bag that it looks like a rainbow, within reason this could be a very effective way to give fair warning to those with allergies. It could certainly be something employed by the school lunch counter and parents could do their best to follow suit. Perhaps the home version would simply be a single tag that identifies that lunch as containing any of the major allergens.

The tag method is certainly a more pragmatic approach than a peanut ban.

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