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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

M210 Lives On ... In Spirit

This past spring bill M210 made its way through the legislative process here in British Columbia. As a result of a strong grassroots effort led by a group called PACT, the failed bill actually lives on, at least in spirit, via a new anaphylaxis directive handed down this week by Education Minister Shirley Bond.

“Children with life-threatening allergies need to be safe in B.C. schools, and our direction today is for all school districts to take immediate steps to ensure all students are protected,” said Bond. “Boards of education will now be required to have school-based anaphylaxis policies and practices that meet rigorous provincial standards.”

This is great news. PACT was my villager of the month for June and I am very pleased to see that in the absence of a true B.C. version of Sabrina's Law we do have protection for our allergic children in the province's skills.

Kudos to all of those involved in the lobby effort to make this happen.

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