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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

That Cookie Tastes Like Peanut

I read a story tonight about a child who showed great allergy awareness despite not being allergic himself. (Though it is a Halloween-related story it just came out.)

Adam Waldusky is a 7 year old from Chippewa Falls, WI. At a Halloween party with (supposedly) safe treats the kids were eating cookies. Soon after the kids ate cookies, Adam's friend raised an alarm by telling Adam's Mom that he tasted peanut.

Thought it is not clear why Adam did not notice this himself, within minutes he began to swell. Adam's Mom was prepared and after administering an EpiPen she brought Adam to the hospital for the 4-6 hour observation period.

Thought it is great that story had a happy ending. I was also impressed that Adam's friend was the first one to recognize the danger and report it. It is impressive that at a young age he was thoughtful enough to think of Adam's allergy after tasting peanut.

One of the contributing factors to his awareness was the fact that Adam's Mom talks to the kids in Adam’s grade once per year, to promote allergy awareness.

It takes a village ...

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