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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Blogyard Bully

They're out there. I suspect (er, hope) that this UK blog's author was writing at least 40% in jest. This guy is the adult version of the schoolyard bully who chases your child around during recess with a peanut for fun.

Though the author acknowledges that peanut allergies are no laughing matter, I do find myself somewhat appalled. I suspect that he would not find it as humourous if he witnessed an anaphylactic attack first hand.

While this particular blog is simply a writer trying to drum up interest using a shock technique, there are certainly people out there that are truly frustrated with and intolerant of the "Gooberically-Challenged".

I have contacted the blogs author and will post in future based on his response (if any).


Rolski said...
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Rolski said...

Hello! I'm the author of the "Why People with a Peanut Allergy Annoy Me" post and I'd first off like to say what a nice blog you have.

I'm pleased you picked up that my post was written FIRMLY tongue in cheek. I wasn't trying to write anything controversial just to get readers... In my grumpy old way, I was simply saying out loud what most people must have thought when they got told peanuts were verboten.

But I wasn't trying to make light of this condition, which is why I included a link to the Peanut Allergy page. The thing about peanut allergy is that it's REAL and it's potentially LETHAL and unlike bee stings, which can still kill the allergenically unfortunate, peanuts are EVERYWHERE. The nuts warning on peanuts might be ridiculous, but when you pick up a packet of salt and it says "produced in a factory which also produces nuts" you realise that shopping when you have an allergy is a little like Russian Roulette.

The story I told about teenagers with supposedly 'lethal' peanut allergies scoffing bowls of crunchy nut cornflakes when their parent’s backs were turned is true. It's a pity that a real and dangerous condition has become the illness de jour for a few hypochondriac parents.

I thought very hard about justifying what I wrote - but at the end of the day, I wouldn't have been comfortable writing "why people with aids annoy me" and that's exactly the same thing. But I didn't mean any harm and if it stimulates very real discussion and buzz about peanut allergy on the internet, even by making people irate, perhaps it's a post that will do more good than harm.

With warmest regards to all your readers...


NoPeanuts said...

I figured it was in jest and I appreciate your comment here on NoPeanuts.

Coincidentally there is an article in the Seattle times today on traveling with allergies and it noted that a child broke out in hives on a flight from Hawaii after other passengers opened bags of macadamia nuts. According to the article, most airlines do not serve peanut snacks on flights citing allergy concerns, but there is nothing preventing others from bringing peanuts or any other nuts on board.

I (used to) bring trail mix on just about every flight. You just don't think of it when you do not have an peanut allergy of this nature in your life.

The fact that a child could have an anaphylactic attack without even eating or contacting a nut while IN THE AIR is terrifying! I will be sure to blog our first travel experience down the road. I suspect I will feel better once we land!