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Sunday, January 28, 2007

It Takes A Village - Other Parents

In prior posts I have stressed that it is important for peanut parents to engage others in the 'Village' instead of being aggressive and driving them away. Well, it works. A parent that we know was recently at the community centre with her child. Her child wanted a snack so she took him to the vending machine and bought a bag of nuts. They then sat by the pool and he was eating his nuts which of course for a toddler means that nuts and nutty-hands were everywhere.

It dawned on this parent that should our daughter come in behind her son that could result in a very bad situation, with the potential for anaphylaxis should our daughter come into contact with peanut protein.

She went to the office of the community centre and suggested (strongly) that they remove nuts from the vending machine due to the risk that this posed.

I agree that in a place frequented by young children it perhaps makes sense to promote better awareness of peanut risks for young, allergic children.

I thought this was a great example of other members of the Village being made aware and engaged in helping. It truly Takes a Village to Avoid A Peanut!

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