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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tumbling Peanuts - Round 2

I posted last week about the first time we had to bring our daughter to her music and movement class. Since that class I have though long and hard about whether it was we, and not the other parents, that actually generated the surprising reaction. Did we cause the looks of indifference to the fact that our daughter had anaphylaxis?

Today I brought my daughter to another class. She is in two similar classes each week as she enjoys them immensely. As this was a different instructor and a different set of parents I had the opportunity to try a softer positioning with no supplemental emphasis from us.

I made sure that I calmly and factually outlined that our daughter had an anaphylactic peanut allergy, but we did have an Epi-Pen and as our nanny would be in the class there should be nothing to worry about. That being said I did ask if she could let the other parents know at the beginning of the class.

It worked wonderfully! The other parents responded in a very understanding fashion and one mother even noted that we should keep our daughter away from her son to be extra careful as he had just eaten a peanut butter sandwich on his way in.

It was great to see that the softer communication style produced a much more positive reaction from the other parents.

I think that this clearly validates last night's post about how 'peanut parents' should communicate the allergy to other parents and 'villagers'.

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