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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Liquid Egg Yolk?

So we had another scare this week.

Not nearly the same level of reaction as the Boxing Day episode but after a week of total vigilance on ingredients, labels, avoiding nuts, etc. I goofed.

Our daughter gets a treat if she doesn't throw food on the floor during dinner ... she's young remember! This week she has been great and on Saturday I gave her Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream to celebrate.

She immediately broke out into a rash on her face and started to get a few hives. My wife rushed to the medicine cabinet for the Epi-Pen but it seemed that our daughter was in great spirits and the rash was not progressing.

We opted for the Benedryl vs the Epi-Pen and this seemed to do the trick.

The scary thing about the severity of these allergies is that you have to be 100% vigilant. The further challenge is that everybody who is going to care for your child also has to be 100%. You cannot let your guard down for a minute.

In this case our daughter had a reaction to 'liquid egg yolk' ... (at least we think that's what it was). There was the standard 'may have come in contact with peanuts' warning on the label but chances are it was the egg yolk. Interestingly, our daughter is only allergic to egg whites so I am guessing that because the raw yolk would have contacted egg whites the liquid egg yolk is our culprit

NoPeanuts Tip:
Try your best to avoid offending foods but always be prepared for an emergency.

My preliminary research indicates that it's common for children with these allergies to have multiple anaphylactic episodes before they are even 5 years old.

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