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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Allergy Free Peanuts

We've talked before of the efforts to build the GMO peanut. There are several reasons given for this product: enhanced yields, more flavourful end product and of course a peanut that might be safe for the peanut allergic public. Recently funding was approved for research into the development of the GMO peanut.

Led by Peggy Ozakis, the research will endeavour to bring a GMO peanut to market in five years. As long as safety of the GMO product is not a concern, more efficient production and a better end-product are reasonable goals. also mentioned that there would be more peanut biofuel available. Ironically, parents of peanut allergic kids might be better-served burning peanut oil in their vehicles versus jumping on the allergy-free GMO peanut bandwagon.

Even if these peanuts are safe, consider having to educate your child in this new world. 'Okay honey, this is important ... the peanuts on the right are safe but the peanuts on the left are not ... you can see the difference right?'

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