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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sabrina's Law Heads West

Registrants* with Anaphylaxis Canada received a notice yesterday about a new bill headed to the British Columbia Legislature. The private member's bill is being proposed by David Cubberly, MLA for Saanich and seeks to implement policies in public schools with respect to anaphylaxis. Titled the "Anaphylactic Student Protection Act 2007", the bill is largely based upon Ontario's famous 'Sabrina's Law' legislation.

This legislation is very beneficial for parents of allergic children, and increases the safety of the school environment for allergic children. I am very pleased at the thought of the law being in place well before our daughter enters the school system.

"To find out how you can support this bill personally, contact your MLA directly. Click on the following link to send an email to your MLA today: and also provide a copy of the email to: Mr. Cubberley's office at and to Hon. Shirley Bond, Minister of Education at"

*If you have not signed up for Anaphylaxis Canada's free registry you should sign up here today. The registry provides product alerts and other relevant updates.

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