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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Not Soy Good

As I sifted through my gmail tonight I found a message from Robyn at AllergyKids. The article discussed recent research into the possible link between soy allergy and peanut allergy.

The researchers urge parents of peanut allergic children to eliminate soy from their childrens' diets as well. "Some sensitive children have "hidden" soy allergies that manifest for the first time with a severe -- even fatal -- reaction to even the low levels of "hidden" soy commonly found in processed food products."

This is concerning. We make smoothies all the time that include tofu and our daughter has eaten edamame on many occassions. Though the article does not give a percentage as to the proportion of peanut allergic children who are also allergic to soy, the new information on soy is a cause for concern.

As is the case with many aspects of managing our daughter's peanut allergy, we have little choice but to take this seriously and remove soy from the home. We'll also have to do additional research into soy.


Sharyn said...

I also have a son with peanut/tn and sesame allergies and I read an article about 1 and a half years ago about the soy interaction. I immediately stopped giving him all soy products but because I never really read anything else have become a little more lenient lately. I allow soy oil and soy lecithin to be in products - but thats it. We also received the letter from allergykids yesterday, it brought up the question again...should I stop all of it. And if your child is like mine, he's a picky eater and finding enough protein is hard...oy
this is not easy.

The Cookbook Junkie said...

Well, this isn't really anything new. A peanut is a legume so to be truly safe it would make sense to keep our children away from legumes completely.

Of course parents want to stay informed and do what's best for our allergic children but if you read all the studies and other information you find out there, you won't want to feed your child a single thing. It's just so frustrating that they don't have the answers.