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Friday, April 13, 2007

M210 Needs You

Recently I posted about the proposed anaphylaxis legislation in BC. Entitled the "Anaphylactic Student Protection Act 2007", Bill M210 was proposed by MLA David Cubberly and has passed through its first reading. The next step is the upcoming second reading on April 16.

I urge you to get involved - regardless of where you live. There is a website dedicated to Bill M210 that allows you to look up contact information for MLAs,
get more information on the actual bill and gather information from an FAQ.

The coolest feature of the site is labeled "a sample email in support of Bill M210" off the main page ... the link pulls up an pre-written, pre-addressed email that you can send to the Minister of Education and the Premier ... in about 5 seconds you can support this pending legislation.

Please send an email in support of Bill M210

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