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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Peanut Butter Family

Today my parents tagged along for our daughter's weekly gymnastics class. The instructors have been great with the allergy and we've not had any serious issues to date.

This morning a new set of classes began and, per standard practice, we made sure that the other children, parents and nannies knew of our daughter's allergy. The instructors made an announcement and as always, the class was without incident.

After class our daughter made her way out to the foyer to get her coat and the Peanut Butter Family decided it was snack time. Parents, kids and Grandma all had peanut butter sandwiches and when Grandma caught our nanny's eye she sort of smiled in a way that suggested, 'what's the big deal'?

I understand that others cannot be expected to think proactively about our daughter's allergy. It is our responsibility. That being said, upon seeing our daughter they should have shown us the courtesy of putting the sandwiches away given that they had just heard about her allergy. This type of passive aggressive behaviour in response to our daughter's allergy bothers me.

Fittingly, as the family left one of the kids polished off his sandwich and innocently slid his hand along the rail as he ran down the stairs. One of the toughest things about the allergy is its ability to replace the joy of watching a child happily playing with the invisible terror of microscopic peanut proteins that might not even be present.

It's amazing how different the world looks when you're managing an allergy.

Dear Grandma, "It takes a village".

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