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Thursday, February 22, 2007

6 - Love

This article is a great follow-up to my last post on whether peanuts should be banned.

I contended that a peanut ban would not necessarily help all children ... in this case I was (happily) wrong.

An Iowa school district banned peanut products to ensure the safety of peanut allergic children. While the peanut debate usually generates a degree of controversy, I was surprised to read that the school board voted 6-0, with some board members noting that they "hoped the procedures struck a balance between protecting children and sparing them the embarrassment of having an unusual condition." As a tennis player that is a score I am used to ... I never though I'd see it in this context.

The best part of this ruling however has, imho, nothing to do with peanuts.

The ruling is cryptically comprehensive in that it covers off several aspects of managing anaphylaxis, despite the fact that the ban was targeting peanuts.

In particular, I really like the fact that a network of school personnel are required to discuss the health needs and symptoms of children. There is a ban on homemade food items. Young children are essentially prohibited from preparing their own food.

Even better, there is a "mandatory review of emergency procedures before field trips" and "required notification of bus drivers carrying students with such allergies."

I like this policy. If your child is allergic to something other than peanut you benefit from the group discussion, the field trip preparation and the bus driver awareness. This is an anaphylaxis policy in peanut clothing.

It's all good!

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