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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Peanut Bowl

I figured that with the Big Game coming on Sunday I should have at the NFL's peanut-related facts and tidbits.

  • Super Bowl fans consume 2.5 million pounds of nuts during the game each year
  • At the game itself vendors will serve 1000 cases of peanuts. Stacked on top of each other they would be taller than the Empire State Building.
  • "Wal-Mart will sell enough Planters(R) dry roasted, honey roasted, and
    cocktail peanuts for Super Bowl Sunday that, if you stacked the
    containers on top of one another, they would equal the height of
    108 Empire State Buildings."
  • A bag of peanuts is four bucks at the Super Bowl. With water being $5 peanuts are the cheapest thing on the menu. Peanuts cheaper than water? Oof.
  • Trent Green, whose team was nowhere near the Super Bowl, is a donor to FAAN.
  • The USA Football website actually has tips for coaches on how to handle anaphylaxis emergencies. That's pretty cool.
  • Before anaphylaxis found its way into our lives, I had attended several NFL games and I am pretty sure that every time I have devoured a bag of peanuts, dropping a bagful of shells all over the ground in the process. You just don't think about it.
  • New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees, who almost made it to the Super Bowl this year, is allergic to dairy, wheat, gluten, eggs and nuts
  • This year's Super Bowl MVP could be none other than Charles "Peanut" Tillman of the Chicago Bears. "When Charles Tillman was just a baby, his aunt likened his small frame and shape to a peanut. From that moment on, the nickname "Peanut" stuck to Tillman and it's the only name his Chicago Bears teammates use for the 6-1, 196-pound star cornerback."
  • Advertisers are 'nuts' to be spending ~$3M for a 30 second ad slot!

Enjoy the game.


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