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Saturday, February 24, 2007


I posted in January about current peanut allergy research. I noted that Xolair, an asthma treatment that nets Genentech over $400M per year in revenue, could possibly be used in the treatment of anaphylactic food allergies. However, I did note that the cost of the annual treatment could be as high as $10k.

This week the FDA required a warning label for Xolair due to the drug apparently causing anaphylaxis in some patients (specifically it occurred in approximately 'one in a thousand cases').

I suspect that a drug that causes anaphylaxis in some patients, however remote the risk is, might not be useful in the treatment of anaphylaxis. Perhaps Genetech will now revisit research into TNX-901?


Len said...

This will be a interesting topic. Please keep us posted.

Lisa said...

It is definitely interesting that Genentech has now acquired Tanax. I am hoping since the Xolair trials have been unsuccessful at treating peanut allergy Genentech realizes we are dying to buy TNX-901.