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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

It Takes A Village - GMO Labeling

Tonight I read an open letter from AllergyKids founder Robyn O'Brien. Suffice to say that after reading this letter, 'GMO' will be a new area of focus for NoPeanuts!

Genetically modified infant formula - is nothing sacred?

A 50% increase in peanut allergy within 5 years of the the release of genetically modified soy bean? Makes one think.

Thankfully the fact that there is hay fever and asthma in my wife's family makes our daughter's allergy less than 'random' but the thought that this could be due to GMO food in her diet as a baby is tough to fathom.

If GMO is indeed causing increased prevalence of food allergy, it would not be a stretch to hypothesize that kids who are predisposed to allergy already might be even more susceptible to developing GMO-related allergies?

The rest of the developed world is labeling for GMO ... it's time for North America to follow suit. How is it possible that this was not regulated?

Here is a link to the full text of the letter, as posted on the AllergyWare.

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